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KhattarWong has launched a Formal Law Alliance with international law firm Withers, creating Withers KhattarWong which can now provide a greatly expanded range of legal services to our clients, both locally and internationally.

The Alliance can offer advice on every aspect of our clients' affairs, from business to personal issues, as well as charitable and philanthropic activities. The Alliance also enables clients to access skilled advisors across Withers' international office network in Asia, Australia, the USA and Europe.

There is a unique synergy between KhattarWong, a well established Singapore firm of more than 40 years and Withers, which was established in England in 1896. Withers is recognised as one of the world's leading law firms dedicated to entrepreneurs, successful people and their businesses and has advised 42% of the top 100 UK Sunday Times Rich List, over 20% of the top 100 US Forbes list, as well as numerous successful families in Asia.

Contact us to understand how Withers KhattarWong's new international legal services will be able to assist you.

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